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Free your mind. Grow your soul. Change the world.

$51,205 raised

$800,000 goal

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At Fountain Street Church we challenge every individual and our larger community to cultural, intellectual and spiritual growth, honoring the creative tension between tradition and change, intellect and spirit, individual and community, science and faith, as the crucible for testing and refining beliefs.

Acting on these ideals, we:

  • Worship, learn, lead, and play.
  • Maintain FSC as a beacon for liberal religion and a haven for discussion and action, regardless of controversy.
  • Build on our tradition of nurture and appreciation for the artistic, cultural, and intellectual fruits of the human mind and hand.
  • Serve and enhance the church community by financial support and sharing our talents in an open and democratic structure.
  • Bring social justice and compassionate support to the larger community and the world.

We hope you will consider supporting Fountain Street Church with an Annual Pledge

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